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The highest paid profession in Russia

The well-known highest paid profession in Russia has become. It turned out that this is not a risk manager and not a Java / Ruby programmer, but a mechanic for repairing equipment in the fishing industry.

This was reported by http://chicandamazing.com/ with reference to data from the Ministry of Labor.

It is noted that the size of the salary in this position (provided that the employee has a need) is 430 thousand rubles. In general, the fishing industry provides employees with good earnings: on ships, employees receive an average of 200 thousand rubles .

The second place of the most “expensive” professions was shared by the pilot of the aircraft and the head of the site in the coal mining industry. They are ready to pay about 330 thousand rubles.

By the way, for the second year in a row, a mechanic in the fishing industry has been one of the three highest paid jobs in Russia. Also in 2018, the professions with the highest salary in Russia headed such positions as: commercial director at a pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise and general director of a consulting company.

Earlier in Moscow, a butler appeared with a salary of 1 million rubles. However, special requirements were put forward for applicants.

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